2021 Poster Presentations coming in September

2020 Virtual Poster Presentations:

P01: Implementing Fully Automated Kinase Inhibitor Characterization Using a Robotic System, Presented by Martin-Immanuel B., Arctoris Ltd.

P02: Ligand Identification from NP-Inspired Collections Using Affinity Selection - Mass Spectrometry, Presented by Jean-Yves O., Edelris SAS

P03: E3scan℠ Ligand Binding Assay Platform for Targeted Protein Degradation and PROTAC® Discovery, Presented by Ksenya C., Eurofins Discovery

P04: Identify Effective Therapeutics with Simple, Quantitative Cell-Based Assays that Measure Receptor Internalization, Presented by Jennifer L., Eurofins Discovery

P05: New PathHunter Reporter Assays: Analysis of PD-1 Checkpoint Receptor and NFAT Signaling Pathways, Presented by Jennifer L., Eurofins Discovery

P06: Profiling Targeted Protein Degraders in the BioMAP Human Phenotypic Platform Reveals Mechanistic Insights and Response Biomarkers, Presented by Alison O., Eurofins Discovery

P07: Detection of Endogenous Protein Turnover Induced by Targeted Degraders, Presented by Chao-Tsung Y., Eurofins Discovery

P08: Evolutionary Origin of Metallo-β-Lactamases Conferring Critical Antibiotic Resistance Threats, Providing a New Strategy to Develop Novel Enzymes as Drug Targets, Presented by Sang Hee L., Myongji University

P09: Targeting SALL4 via Small Molecule Drug in Cancer, Presented by Kim Anh V., National University of Singapore

P10: Discovery of the Therapeutic mAbs Targeting GPCRs with a Unique Single Cell Analysis Technique and mAb Profiling System, Presented by Kiyoshi T., NB Health Laboratory Co., Ltd.

P11: Real-Time Monitoring of PROTAC and Molecular Glue Targeted Degradation in Living Cells, Presented by Steven E., Promega Corporation

P12: A Large Scale Comparison of MS-Based Antibody De Novo Protein Sequencing and Targeted DNA Sequencing, Presented by Zac M., Rapid Novor, Inc.

P13: A Systems-Level Platform for Target Discovery and Its Application, Presented by Taeyong K., Standigm, Inc.

P14: The Growth and Differentiation of Human Intestinal Organoids and Organoid-Derived Monolayer Cultures, Presented by Martin S., STEMCELL Technologies

P15: Generation of Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cerebral Organoids for Brain Tumor Modeling, Presented by Vorapin C., Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center

P16: Early Discovery Due Diligence of Immuno-Inflammation Target Through Multi-Pronged Approaches, Presented by Sonali D., Syngene International Ltd.

P17: Discovery of Nonpeptidic Inhibitors of PLK1 Polo Box Domain Inhibitors Block TCTP Phosphorylation, Induce PLK1 Degradation and Target Resistant Cells, Presented by Danda C., University of South Carolina

P18: Lipoparticles Advance Antibody Discovery Against Challenging Multipass Membrane Protein Targets, Presented by Joseph R., Integral Molecular

P19: HTpathwaySeq: A Novel Application for High-Throughput RNA Sequencing Based Molecular Phenotyping, Presented by Alexander B., Biogazelle NV

P20: Identification of Potent and Specific Antisense Oligonucleotides for Target Gene Knockdown Using a High-Throughput RT-qPCR Based Cellular Screening Platform, Presented by Nathalie B., Biogazelle NV

P21: HTTargetSeq: A Novel Application for High-Throughput RNAi Off-Target Gene Identification, Presented by Nathalie B., Biogazelle NV